Holy F#*@&^* $h!t!!!

I was surfin’ the web today, looking for stuff about Unreal, and found that Legend Entertainment is making a game called The Wheel of Time, due out in the second quarter of 1999. This may not mean much to many of you, but to those who have read Robert Jordan’s series of books, The Wheel of Time, this should KICK ASS!!! The book series is the absolute best I have ever read, and I’ve read a LOT of books.
The game will be using the Unreal engine, and will be an action/strategy game, much like Quake, I assume, only with a deeper story line. The developers plan to stick to Jordan’s story pretty strictly, which is a big plus. They have screenshots of parts of the game on the website, mostly just the levels, but there are a few screenshots of some enemies, like the Trolloc.
For me, this is one of those games for which you have to be at the mall when it opens in order to buy it on the day it is released (kinda like when StarCraft came out, only tons better.)
I’m going to be glued to my browser looking for news about this game, so if I find anything new about it, I’ll post it here.
Oh yeah, this probably means I’ll have to buy a 3D graphics card now. I wasn’t planning on getting one for quite a while, but now I HAVE to. Not that I’m complaining or anything… 🙂

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