I'm back, baby!

There was a snafu with my web server (hard drive crash) and it’s taken two months to get a new server running. I don’t pay for hosting–this runs on a friend’s server–so I can’t expect much in the way of technical support, eh? I’ve reinstalled WordPress and imported the latest backup of my blog. I only lost an entry or two that I created after the latest backup, but I can easily re-create them. In the last two months I’ve kept writing blog entries, so in the coming days I’ll be posting them here when I get the chance. You may notice the site theme/colors changing, and new entries appearing below this one as I post-date them. In the meantime, here’s a puppy:

And yes, this is my new pup, Boulder! She’s a Brittany Spaniel, like Torrey, except liver and white instead of orange and white. There’ll be more about her later.

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