Two Weaks

It’s pretty unusual that I’ve done very little in the past two weeks. On my last hiking/camping trip I discovered brake fluid leaking from the right-rear brake drum–so that’s why the fluid level in the reservoir was low! Until today the truck hadn’t moved from its spot in the driveway since getting home from that trip because the snow on the ground prevented me from working on it. After work today I pulled the wheel and drum off to make sure it was the wheel cylinder leaking brake fluid, and not just the brake line where it attaches to the cylinder. Since Traci had the car at work, I had to put the wheel back on the truck and drive it to the parts store. They didn’t have the wheel cylinder in stock, so I’ll pick it up tomorrow after work and try to get the job done before it gets dark.
There’s a slight chance of snow on Wednesday night, but the weekend is looking clear. If the weather holds out and I can get the brakes fixed, I think I’d like to go camping and hiking again this weekend. I took notice yesterday that it was still partially light at 6:00PM, which means that I could leave Price after work, drive for a couple of hours, and still have time to set up camp before it gets dark. I’ve heard that the San Rafael Swell is mostly free of snow, even though there are still a couple of inches sticking around here. I’ll either hit the Swell or the Moab area if I can stay motivated to actually go through with another winter camping trip this weekend.

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  1. I managed to get the wheel cylinder swapped out in about an hour, then Traci helped me bleed the brakes. The whole process was surprisingly fast and easy (as it should be since I did the same job on the truck three years ago).
    I’m having second thoughts about camping this weekend. On Friday it’s supposed to be windy with a low that night of 14 degrees. Maybe I’ll just get out for a day trip on Saturday…

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