Sam and Mark's WeddingI performed the marriage ceremony for my sister Samantha and her fiancee Mark on Friday. I’ve long considered Mark to be a part of the family, ’cause he and Sam have been together for so long. Several months ago when Sam asked me to perform the ceremony, I was a bit freaked out and wasn’t sure if I could do it. After some thought, though, I called her back later that day and told her I couldn’t not do it. When Chris was in town for the 4th of July, we both got ordained in the Universal Life Church. It took until this month for her divorce from her ex to be finalized, and she and Mark wanted to get married as soon as possible. I kept thinking that as the day got closer, then as the hours and minutes counted down, I’d start getting nervous, but the jitters never happened. I performed the ceremony, and the wedding (a small gathering of family and close friends) was very nice. I filed the marriage license with the county clerk today, and now it’s official. Congratulations to Samantha and Mark!

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  1. Our wedding ceremony was performed by my sister and Abby’s daughter, both ordained by the Universal Life Church. Just for fun I got “ordained” a few years ago, but haven’t performed any weddings yet.

    1. I remember reading about your wedding on your blog and that you’d mentioned being married by somebody ordained in the ULC, so before performing the ceremony for my sister’s wedding I looked back at your blog. The county recorder here said it would be ok for me to perform the ceremony as long as nobody objected to it, and I was wondering if there was any red tape that you had to go through to get married in Utah. I was surprised how informal the process ended up being here in Carbon County.

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