No Thing

This weekend I didn’t really do much–at least, nothing too interesting. On Saturday I went for a 12-mile mountain bike ride. There was a new geocache on Wood Hill, not too far north of the Dead Dog Loop bike trail, and I was hoping to get first-to-find on it. I rode from home, through town, and up the gravel road past the compressor plant. I took Ben’s Switchbacks, a trail that winds steeply up onto Dead Dog Mesa. From there it was a short, flat ride to the geocache. I was glad to be the first to sign the logbook, but it was more satisfying just to get out for a nice ride on a relatively cool fall day.
I did a nearly 80-mile 4-wheeler ride on Sunday. Again I was after a couple of new geocaches, this time in the Mounds area southeast of Wellington. I’ve been all over that area in the past, and so it turned out to be a relatively boring ride. I found three geocaches, and by the time I found the last one and was ready to head back home, I still had a long, uninteresting ride ahead of me. I got a nice sunburn, though with the cooler weather I wasn’t as aware of it happening as I would have been if it was hotter.
I didn’t take many photos on either trip this weekend, just ’cause I’d seen it all before. I was still not feeling like venturing far from home after the Bowknot Bend trip from a couple of weeks ago, but sitting at home didn’t appeal to me. It was nice to get out, but nicer to not have to work too hard for it.

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