2011 Trip Planning

The novelty of winter is already wearing off, thanks to the sub-zero temperatures we’ve had this week. The 4-wheeler ride on Wednesday was my last chance to play in the snow all weekend, ’cause the daytime highs have only been reaching the mid-teens. I just can’t bring myself to go out in that cold. While I’ve been cooped up in the house this weekend, I’ve been daydreaming about warmer weather and planning some trips. I mapped out a route for a loop ride beginning near the town of Emery, climbing up the Hole Trail into the mountains of the Wasatch Plateau on the north side of Muddy Creek, curving around the Muddy’s headwaters, then descending back toward Emery on the south side of the Muddy through Link Canyon. The trip could easily be done in a day, but I think I’m going to extend it to two or three days, camping, fishing, hiking, and exploring while I’m there. It would be a minimum of 70 miles, but side-trips would surely extend that mileage closer to 100. I really need to figure out how to carry extra fuel with me, without spending $100 on some ridiculously overpriced flat pack fuel carriers.
Here are some other trips I would like to do in 2011:

  • ATV: Price to Salina or Richfield (possibly multi-day) (San Rafael Swell & Wasatch Plateau)
  • Hike: Loafer Mountain to Santaquin Peak (Wasatch Range)
  • ATV: Coal Wash loop (multi-day) (San Rafael Swell)
  • ATV or Truck: Tusher Canyon to Coal Canyon loop (Book Cliffs near Green River)
  • Hike: Top of Bowknot Bend mesa (Moab area)
  • Kayak: Green River Daily (Nefertiti to Swasey Rapid)
  • Hike: Range Creek (Book Cliffs/Roan Cliffs)
  • Hike: Nate’s Peak and the point east of White Horse Canyon (San Rafael Swell)
  • Hike: Explore Devil’s Hole (San Rafael Swell)

In general, I would also like to explore the San Rafael Desert, the area northwest of Moab, and the Mussentuchit area some more. I hope this winter is short so I can spend less time dreaming and more time doing.

2 thoughts on “2011 Trip Planning

  1. Top of Bowknot Bend? If you succeed, I would love to know how, as I’ve always wanted to do this. I tried to get there once, starting at the top from the end of the jeep road from Green River at the wilderness boundary, but there’s really no passable connection. I also haven’t heard of anyone making it up from the river, except to the saddle.

  2. There’s a geocache up there, so I’m confident that it’s possible to get to the top of Bowknot Bend: http://coord.info/GC2DA5Q
    I think I’ve found the correct route to the top, now I just gotta find the time to go down there, raft across the river, scramble to the top, then rappel down to the geocache location.

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