First Snow of the Season

The truck in Bob Wright CanyonNorthern Utah has been getting hammered the last couple of days, but here in Price we haven’t seen more than a light dusting of snow this season. In a way I’m envious–then again, I’m glad I’m not shoveling snow right now. Since the snow didn’t come to us, I took the kids for a drive on the Pinnacle Peak to Consumers loop to find some snow to play in. It began to snow really hard just past Pinnacle Peak as the road climbed up onto the plateau west of there, but then it lightened up on top of the plateau. Where the road dropped down into Corner Canyon and began to climb back out, I had to lock in the hubs and use 4WD to get out of the canyon. From that point on there was enough snow to require 4WD for the rest of the drive, and where the road reached the national forest boundary and turned north toward Second Water and Bob Wright canyons, there was six to eight inches of snow on the ground. There had been other vehicles on the road, so at least I wasn’t breaking trail through the snow.
Snow and sun on the Book CliffsWe turned up Bob Wright Canyon and stopped at a flat clearing, and the kids got out and played in the snow for a while. I started a small fire to warm us up a bit. When it began to get late and the falling snow got heavier, we piled back into the truck and drove north toward the Consumers area. I was worried that there would be more snow on the road in that direction, but the accumulation decreased as we traveled north and the truck had no problems. We stopped at a beaver pond along the North Fork of Gordon Creek and the kids threw some rocks at the ice. Then we hit Consumers Road and returned to Price and left winter behind for a while longer.

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