Buckhorn Wash Caching

View from inside a tunnelYesterday I spent part of the day geocaching with my family in the Buckhorn Wash area. There were several new caches there, some of which hadn’t yet been found, and it was a good excuse to get out and enjoy the relatively mild weather. The first cache we stopped at was near one of the MK Tunnels in Buckhorn Wash. The given coordinates for the cache were almost a mile away, but a photo on the website showed a sign that I knew the location of, so I made an educated guess that the coordinates were wrong. I found that by changing one of the numbers in the coords, they put me right near the sign and the tunnel. I found the cache easily there, then moved on to the next. At the next geocache, g-gang had signed the log that same day, so I assumed that I’d run into them at some point. Sure enough, at the very next cache they were parked and already looking for it when I pulled up. We chatted for a while, and I gave them coordinates to the cache near the tunnel, then they continued on ahead of us.
Bradley and Michael in a treeWe ate lunch at the campground near the San Rafael River. It was a little windy and chilly there, but it was still nice enough that we enjoyed eating outside. We continued south and found three more caches. The last one we found down that road was at Cottonwood Holes in Cottonwood Wash. It was a really nice spot, and I spent some time walking up the wash while the kids climbed around on a cottonwood tree. On our way back home, we took a short detour through Castle Dale and found one more geocache that had a nice view of town in one direction and the Swell in the other.

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GPS Tracklog and Photo Waypoints (Google Earth .KMZ Format)

GPS Tracklog and Photo Waypoints (Google Maps)

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