An End

Although I was off work Thursday through Sunday last week, I didn’t do much. I went for a very short ride up Fish Creek Canyon on Thursday, then changed the oil in my ATV that evening. It had only been two months since I last changed the oil, but I got a lot of riding in. Considering that I didn’t ride my ATV for a full five weeks while my arm healed, it really only took three weeks of riding to put on enough miles to warrant the oil change.
On Friday I did a little bit of geocaching, then again on Saturday I found some more caches in Price Canyon (and got skunked on several). I spent Sunday doing yard work. I removed the dead plants from the garden and then covered it with leaves that had been raked/mowed from the lawn, then I mowed down some weeds in the back yard. The boys were out there with me, filling in a big hole that they’d dug in the yard.
It was incredibly nice weather for the first week of November, and I’m regretting not going camping. With temperatures now getting well below freezing at night, I’ll be winterizing the camp trailer today and bringing in anything that could freeze over the winter. Any camping I do for the rest of the year will have to be in a tent, and I’ll likely be going at least once. It’s time to don the winter gear and begin the long, long wait for spring!

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