Wild Bunch Trail

Gravel roadIt’s been far too long since I rode my mountain bike. I had that long hiatus while the nerve in my arm was giving me problems, and since then all I’ve done is ride my ATV. Today I decided to finally ride my bike, and I chose the Wild Bunch Trail just north of Price. I threw the bike into the back of the truck and drove to the south end of the trail, then rode the bike north slightly uphill for almost three miles along a gravel road to the north end of the trail. I had a difficult time even finding the singletrack because it had been trampled pretty badly by cattle. I followed the “trail” south, but it kept fading away, and would eventually join up with a better-traveled cattle trail. Basically I was following cow trails for almost the first half of the ride. Eventually the cow trails joined up with a two-track road, and I couldn’t find where the singletrack continued. The two-track met up with a gravel road, and I just wandered up and down the gravel road until I found where the singletrack continued south.
SingletrackAfter that it was a sweet ride, and there were even other bike tire tracks on the trail. It was slightly downhill most of the way, and mostly smooth (relatively so, considering how rocky most trails around here are), with a couple of very steep and rocky sections. The trail followed a wash toward the lower end, and passed a spring that was flowing and had a lot of vegetation around it. There was one more section of two-track near the end, then a final short singletrack section before I got back to the truck. The downhill singletrack had taken me a lot less time than the gradual uphill on the gravel road had, despite the singletrack being more technical and me stopping for more photos on that section. It was good to ride again, and my sore legs are a good reminder that I need to get out and ride more.

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GPS Tracklog and Photo Waypoints (Google Earth .KMZ Format)

GPS Tracklog and Photo Waypoints (Google Maps)

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