Fish Creek Trail

Fish Creek BridgeThis past Saturday I’d hoped to have a full day of playing at Huntington Reservoir, but we got a very late start, then had to leave early because of some really nasty weather. We ended up having a picnic on the dining room floor instead of at the lake. To make up for the lack of fun on Saturday, I went to Scofield and rode the Fish Creek trail the next day. I’d hiked parts of the trail a couple of times in 2006, once with just Mark, and a second time with Mark and both of our families. Back then, the bridge over Fish Creek, which was about 3/4-mile up the trail, was washed out and we had to cross the creek on foot. Only recently has the Forest Service remedied the situation. They installed a new bridge right at the trailhead, and built a new trail up to where the old bridge used to be. The new section of trail had a lot of loose rocks, but otherwise wasn’t bad to ride on a mountain bike. I enjoyed the challenge, and I realized that I’m getting a little better at staying on the bike.
Fish Creek TrailWhen I got to where the old bridge used to be, the trail was a bit smoother, but there was a little more overgrowth as well. About 3/4-mile after that, the trail got really rocky and bouldery and very overgrown. When I got a full two miles into the trail, I grew weary of the rocks gnashing my sidewalls and the brush scraping my legs up, so I turned around. The ride back was a bit better than the ride up the trail, and I was lucky to avoid rain as there were storm clouds threatening the entire time I was there. I found a couple of geocaches on my way home, including several at the Price Canyon Recreation Area, which was more beautiful than I remember (it’s been a long time since I’ve been there).

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