Get a Rope

Me rappelling in Spring CanyonI went rappelling this evening for only the third time ever. My first time was off the old coal tipple at Standardville in Spring Canyon when I was a young teenager. The second time was into the MK Tunnels in the San Rafael Swell when I was about 18. Today Chris and I went to the same place in Spring Canyon and rappelled with some friends. Traci didn’t dare to rappel, but I think next time I might be able to talk her into going. The first time I rappelled there all those years ago, there was an awkward start at the beginning of the rappel because of the lip at the top of the wall. I was hoping that it wouldn’t be so awkward being an adult, but it was just as bad today as I remembered. Instead of leaning back into the rappel and walking right off the edge, we all crawled backward off the edge before getting our feet under us and beginning the descent. I think I’m comfortable enough with rappelling now to do some easy canyoneering, but only if I’m with somebody with more experience.

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