Lazy Sunday

I spent a couple of hours today washing my ATV and my truck. I usually only wash the truck once or twice a year. It cleans up nice, but I’ll only get it dirty again next weekend, so I see little point in keeping it clean. While I was at the car wash waiting for the change machine to spit out $20 in quarters, the elderly car wash attendant was walking by and said, “Another one strikes the jackpot!” I had to laugh at that.
I also de-winterized the camp trailer today. It was my first time doing so, and it took a long time for me to get all the antifreeze out of the water lines. There were a couple of lines (the low-point drain and the pressurized water inlet) that I’d forgotten to drain, so they kept slowly feeding antifreeze into the other lines and caused the water to foam as it came out of the faucets. Once I got that figured out, I refilled the fresh water tanks, and I’ll have to dump the holding tanks before I leave town for the camping trip. I’ve still got a lot of loading to do. Ok, well, all of the loading to do. But I’m properly motivated, so I’m sure I’ll be ready to go in time.

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