Never Very Analytical

I replaced a couple of broken sprinkler heads and then watered my lawn for the first time this year. Spring is nice–always a welcome relief from winter–but it brings with it more work and, for me, allergies, which have been pretty bad the past couple of weeks. They seem to subside when I’m not in town, so whatever it is that’s bothering me is close to home. I’ve begun getting ready for an upcoming camping trip, the first one of the year–well, at least the first in the camp trailer. I rotated the tires on the truck today since the rears were getting worn much faster than the fronts, and tomorrow I’ll change the oil. I was hoping to avoid changing the oil before this camping trip, but I checked the truck’s odometer this afternoon and found that it was half a mile away from needing an oil change. Ugh. I normally don’t mind going over by a few hundred miles, but I want it to be in tip-top shape for pulling the camp trailer up Spotted Wolf Canyon. The only major thing left to do after tomorrow will be to de-winterize the trailer, and maybe I’ll even get that accomplished after the oil change. After that it’s just a matter of loading it up and hitting the road. I’m stoked.

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