She Rides

This has been a pretty laid-back weekend, with (unfortunately) no trips into the desert. I helped Michael with his pinewood derby car (or, rather, he helped me), cleaned the house a bit, and went for a couple of ATV rides. Yesterday I rode alone and placed a couple of geocaches. The first one was at an abandoned Ford truck near Cardinal Wash, and it was the 100th geocache I’d placed. I’d been hoping to have my 100th hide be something special, but the place I wanted to hide it is still mired in snow, and I got impatient and couldn’t wait any longer. The other cache I placed was on a hill overlooking Price. I parked my ATV about a mile to the north and followed a mountain bike trail on foot until I reached the overlook.
Today I went for a ride with Traci and the boys. Traci hasn’t ridden her 4-wheeler since we rode to Coal Wash with the Hunts two months ago. It makes me question why I continue making monthly payments on it, when it only gets ridden a few times a year lately. Hopefully I can remedy that soon. Anyhow, our ride today was pretty fun, though we covered a lot of the same ground that I rode yesterday. Pretty soon I’ll have ridden all of the roads north of town and will have to find somewhere new to ride.
I’ve actually been on five ATV rides near home in the past week or so. It’s nice being able to ride straight from home, through town, to the dirt roads outside of town. I finally went to the police station this week and got a copy of the ATV ordinance so that I could make sure I was legal to ride through town. I get a lot of strange looks riding on the streets (though that could just be from Torrey riding on the front of the ATV), and one neighbor even asked me if it was legal for me to ride on the pavement. I figure that sooner or later somebody is going to seriously question whether I should be riding through the city, and now I’m prepared with a more definitive answer.
Next weekend is going to be insane. We’re going to have six or seven friends over for Easter weekend. The Hunts are bringing their ATVs, so I’ll have a few extra 4-wheelers parked in the yard, and all the beds, couches, and even the floor will be occupied at night. Hopefully the neighborhood survives the weekend. 😀
Here are a few photos from the past week’s adventures, plus a few from earlier in the month.

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