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Michael and Bradley at Goblin ValleyYesterday I took the kids to Goblin Valley. It’s been about five years since the last time they were there, and since Bradley was only two years old at the time, we didn’t explore very far from the parking lot. This time we hiked about three miles through the goblins and up a couple of short canyons on the east side of the park. Conditions were completely opposite from what they were three weeks ago. The ground was mostly dry, it was relatively warm, and there were a lot more people. Toward the end of our visit the wind picked up and was blowing a lot of dust around. Instead of eating lunch at Goblin Valley as planned, we drove to Temple Wash and hoped to find a more sheltered place at which to eat. The wind was still blowing there, but at least it wasn’t kicking up dust. By the time we finished eating, it was getting much colder and some very dark clouds were rolling in from the west.
Storm clouds rolling in over UT-24I’d also planned on going to Crystal Geyser and the White Wash sand dunes, but with the storm coming in, I decided not to take the car on any more dirt roads and risk getting stuck if it rained. During the drive home it started raining, and by the time we reached Wellington it was a full-blown blizzard. Price only received about an inch of snow, most of which has already melted today. It felt so good early yesterday with the spring-like weather, only for the evening to bring more depressing snow. Mother Nature is such a tease.

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  1. The latest I’ve heard is from this report from March 6th, where they ran into about three feet of snow in the higher elevations of the Swell. As I was driving along US-6 and UT-24 on Saturday, there was hardly any snow east of the Swell, and most of the roads were pretty dry, but I didn’t head into the Swell itself so I’m not sure what things are like right now.

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