Gnome Sayin'

I had a pretty crazy ending to my long weekend. On the spur of the moment Chris decided to come down to Price late on Saturday, then we went out geocaching in the middle of the night during a snow storm. We found all of the caches that we could in Price, and the next nearest caches were in Huntington, so we went there. The snow plows hadn’t been out yet so it was a slow drive. We found a few caches in Huntington, then dodged snow plows during the slow drive back to Price. We got back sometime between 4:00 and 5:00, slept for a few hours, then spent the rest of Sunday just hanging out in the house.
Last week I got an gift card as an early Christmas gift, and I had been looking for something to blow it on. Today I settled on a Black Diamond ATC-XP rappel device (among a couple of other things). I’ve wanted to get into canyoneering for some time, but never was really sure I would commit to it enough to make it worth buying all the necessary gear. Now, I figured that if I start to piece together the gear, I’ll have to commit to doing some canyons. The gear is only half of what I need (and probably the less important half), so I’ll have to spend some time this winter learning just how much I don’t know about rappelling, setting up anchors, etc.

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