Wrapping Up

I’ve been remiss in keeping this site up-to-date lately, though very little of interest has been going on. Last week I had a very long day on Tuesday. I drove to Orem for work, then went to lunch and played golf with some co-workers. It was my first time golfing and I’m sure that I looked quite comical. When I was first invited to the golf activity, I thought I would prefer staying at work rather than going golfing, but surprisingly I had a pretty good time. After embarrassing myself at the golf course, I went in for an eye exam. It’s not that my eyesight seemed any worse than when I got my current eyeglass prescription eight years ago, but my favorite pair of glasses broke recently and I simply wanted to get new ones. After spending nearly two hours at the eye doctor in Orem, I headed up to Cabela’s to look for some new winter boots. During the last two years I learned that winter is not the time to buy winter boots (and I’ve gone without for two years now), so this year I started looking early. I was bummed, however, that Cabela’s store selection was piss-poor compared to their website, and I left empty-handed (though later in the week I found some good boots online for a great price). I decided to find some geocaches on the drive home that day, and though I only found nine, it made for a very long drive home and I didn’t get there until around midnight.
I spent Labor Day weekend fixing a few minor problems with the camp trailer (stripped screw holes, a broken fuel shutoff switch, a gap in the weatherstripping in the back door, etc.), and I found a few geocaches. Friday night was the most fun of the weekend because Traci and I took the kids out to find a couple of night caches. The first was near the end of Airport Road, and when we were about halfway finished following the reflectors to the final cache, a coyote howled less than 300′ from us. The kids were so terrified that their legs were trembling, and though they wanted immediately to go home, I calmed them down and we were able to finish finding the cache. The next cache on Wood Hill was uneventful compared to the first, and I think that helped to allay the kids’ fears of wild animals and being out late at night.
This week is a very short one for me, since Monday was a holiday and I’m taking vacation Thursday and Friday. I drove back to Orem yesterday after work to pick up my new glasses, then met up with Jacob to do some geocaching in Provo. He’s found nearly all the caches in the area, so I hopped in his Jeep and we drove a few miles from where we met up so he could find a new one, then he basically chauffeured me back to my car while stopping at several more caches that he’d already found. After returning to my car, I headed home and found more geocaches along the way in Springville and Mapleton, finding a total of 23 for the day and bringing my grand total up to 996.
It’ll be nice spending this week leisurely getting ready for camping rather than scrambling to get it all done after work in the evenings. I’ve been so busy on a project at work that I haven’t been able to take much vacation time this year, but with the project winding down now I’ll be enjoying a lot of three- or four-day weekends through the end of the year.

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