Winding Down

It’s been a surprisingly good week. Usually after a long and exhausting weekend, I end up spending the following week being lazy. This week I’ve done some yard work, gone geocaching three times, and I’ve still got a day left in the weekend to do something else. On Tuesday I went hiking and geocaching with my family near Pinnacle Peak. There were two new geocaches there, and judging by the descriptions they sounded fun. We had to hike down a canyon to get to one cache, and the other was at the top of a cliff overlooking Pinnacle Peak, but it also had a very nice view of Price and most of Carbon County. I spent most of Thursday evening with just Michael and Bradley in Huntington finding a few caches there. We didn’t even try looking for two others because they appeared to be on private property and I didn’t want to drive past the “No Trespassing” signs that we encountered.
Today I took the boys out again to find some geocaches in the Consumers area. It was raining when I woke up and it continued throughout the morning, and I had all but given up on getting outdoors. To top it off, Michael was complaining about not feeling well and he had a fever. After lunch, however, the sky cleared up and things started drying out rather quickly, and Michael was feeling quite a bit better. I figured it would be worth the risk of getting stuck in the mud while finding a few caches, but we saw very little mud the entire afternoon. The first cache we found was on a plateau near the golf course. I had been there once before about six years ago, but I’d driven in from a different direction and came across a locked gate and had to hike part of the way. Today I drove in on a different road and was able to park right next to the geocache. The next three caches were up Consumers Road, and all were easy to find. We did get rained on during the drive to one area, but it stopped before we parked the truck and started the short hike to the cache, so we were lucky to avoid getting wet.
I’m really enjoying the longer days and warmer weather of late, but I’m not enjoying either the yard work or my allergies. It’s been nice getting outside a lot more, but I’m already looking forward to fall.

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