Speed Bump

This past weekend started out to be quite boring, and I wish it had stayed that way. Traci was in Utah County from Thursday evening through Saturday evening doing some scrapbooking, and the kids and I stayed home doing very little. Throughout the day Saturday, the cough that Bradley had for the past day or so got worse, and his breathing became more labored and he was wheezing a lot. By the time we put him to bed that night he was running a fever, and Traci and I began to get worried about him. Early Sunday morning, Bradley was bad enough that we didn’t think it could wait until the doctor’s office opened on Monday morning–he was trying so hard to inhale that his chest was making a popping sound–so we took him to the emergency room. They did a chest x-ray and concluded that he had pneumonia, and it was bad enough to admit him to the hospital. He received a couple of breathing treatments and some antibiotics, and by that evening he was feeling quite a bit better, although he was still having a difficult time breathing freely. Yesterday he was feeling much better and was out of bed and wanting to play. His breathing had improved significantly and at around 2:00pm they finally discharged him from the hospital.
Other than that bit of excitement, it was an uneventful weekend. Since it looks as though the worst of the cold weather is over for the season, I trimmed Torrey’s hair on Saturday. It took me well over an hour to trim her, and she went from looking like a typical shaggy Brittany Spaniel to looking almost like a German Shorthair.
Michael and I also spent a couple of hours on Sunday building and painting his pinewood derby car. He started Cub Scouts last month, which I’m not entirely thrilled about. I was in Scouts briefly as a kid and I found it to be quite exclusionary. Of course, being a non-Mormon in Utah and being in Scouts can be difficult, since nearly all of the packs/troops are run by Mormons and meetings are held in Mormon churches. There are no secular Scouting groups in this county. I suppose I’ll allow Michael to remain in Scouts as long as they don’t get preachy or pushy with him.
Okay, that was quite a tangent there. Anyhow, with Bradley recovering from pneumonia, we had to cancel our plans for the upcoming weekend. We were all going to hike the Little Wild Horse Canyon – Bell Canyon loop. I had been thinking last week that there are a lot of “classic” or “touristy” attractions in the Swell that we’ve avoided for just that reason, but it’s about time that we checked them out. As an alternative to LWH/Bell, we considered going to the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, but quickly scrapped that idea when we realized that this is their opening weekend for the year, and I wanted to avoid any crowds that might be there as a result. So, at the moment, we’re still undecided as to what we’re going to do for the weekend. I still haven’t ruled out going for a hike by myself and letting Traci have a turn watching the boys by herself ;), but I’d rather do something that includes the entire family.

3 thoughts on “Speed Bump

  1. The crowds will be at LWHC …. its a nut house this time of year, Last year we counted 80+ cars and the trail head! Its awesome slot but I would suggest going on a weekday.

  2. Scouts – Pinewood Derby… I agree completely. Both my boys were part of the scouts for a very short time. Just long enough for both of them to kick royal ass in the pinewood derby. I realize this post is rather late, however, if you haven’t raced yet I can help you build a winning car, if you need me to. I have some simple ideas on how to make those little cars scream down the track… and win by several feet each race.

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