Eff Yeah

I got a phone call this evening with some great news. The guy who I believe slashed my tires near Woodside several years ago is in jail tonight. There’s been a huge rash of thefts and vehicle break-ins around Woodside in the past couple of years, and a lot of people suspected the looney who lives at Woodside, Jason Pogue. Here is my post about him from last year, and you can read about a few of the older thefts and break-ins here, here, and here. A few days ago there was another report of theft.
Yesterday there was yet another break-in reported near the Smith Cabin, and there were also some hikers camped at Cottonwood Wash that reported somebody going through their camp. Some motorcycle riders had heard about the incidents and were keeping a close eye out, and actually caught the guy in the act. They chased him down on their bikes, tackled him, and held him until the police arrived. You can read all about it here.
I wish I had gotten a good look at the guy who slashed my tires, but I only saw him from about a couple hundred yards away. I can only speculate (and hope) that it was the same guy who got caught today, because it would somewhat put my mind at ease. Either way, as long as Jason Pogue remains behind bars, the northeastern end of the San Rafael Swell is now a safer place.

3 thoughts on “Eff Yeah

  1. That is good news to hear they caught this guy. I didn’t know he was breaking in to all those vehicles. That is scary to think back about how I have spent time in that area with my vehicle unattended. I hope they keep him locked up for as long as they can.

  2. Glad to hear that they caught this dirtbag. Makes one wonder what else this guy is doing out in BFE by himself. Probably a tweeker and/or meth cook. I stopped by Woodside to grab a cache on my way to Green River State Park back in April ’07. That place was very creepy. I felt like I was being watched the whole time I was there. It was filthy there, too. Trucker bombs and piles of crap littered the pavement & dirt right there.
    Sounds like the a$$hole put up a good fight, but justice is the one thing you should always find! Cops – 1 – Bad guy – 0

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