Good Water Canyon, Again

I went back to the Wedge today and explored three more of Good Water Canyon’s side-canyons. None of them was as fun as the other side-canyons I’ve already hiked, but it was still a pretty fun day. I uploaded a few pictures here. I hiked in and out of the three drainages to the northeast of Good Water Canyon, and my round-trip hiking distance was just over three miles. I did a lot of scrambling on bare sandstone, and in one canyon my downward progress was halted by an 8-10′ drop that I didn’t dare downclimb without some assistance with me. In fact, most of my hiking was above the canyon bottoms, because there were a lot of unclimbable drops along the way.
It was fairly cold when I started out, but after a couple of hours it warmed up enough to shed my jacket and hat. It still doesn’t feel like December, but that’s all supposed to change this weekend with some rain and snow and colder temperatures. I doubt that will keep me from getting outdoors this winter, but the warmer-than-normal temperatures we’ve had so far have spoiled me.

2 thoughts on “Good Water Canyon, Again

  1. 10 hours? Man, that’s gotta suck. We finally got our first real snow yesterday and last night, and it’s only a little over an inch. I don’t know how much the Swell got, but I probably won’t make it back down there until after Christmas anyway. Maybe it will all be melted by then.
    By the way, they fixed the Picasa website so that it’s Firefox- and tab-friendly. I still like many of the features on Flickr better, but Picasa is free. đŸ™‚

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