Strike Two

Today turned out to be strike two in my search for the supposed airplane wreckage near Kenilworth. The hike up the mountain took me a little more than an hour, but when I reached the top all I found was some canvas fabric that had apparently been used as a target for an aerial survey. It was still a worthwhile hike, if for nothing else than for the exercise. At this rate, I’ll eventually have summited all of the peaks around Kenilworth.

2 thoughts on “Strike Two

  1. Great work on locating the canvas. Did you ever stop to think it might be the sails from Noah’s ark? JK
    Here are a few thing to consider…
    As I mentioned before, I spoke with a gentleman who lives in KW now, and did when the plane crashed. He told me his G’ma or aunt…? was the one who called the authorities when the plane went down. His recollection of the event (according to her) was that the low-flying plane was heading North from Price. It passed behind the large peak East of KW but never made it around the mountain. At that point she knew it had crashed.
    A few months later, a friend of his hiked the mountain to retrieve the engine from the wreckage. He succeeded in doing so. According to the friend, he accessed the wreckage from the left fork of Roncos Canyon (is there such a place?). The plane was resting near the top of the mountain on a fairly steep slope in surrounded by trees.
    With this in mind and given the direction the plane would presumably be flying, My best guess puts the wreckage near 39° 41.838’N, 110° 47.524’W.
    I can’t see anything on G E but with the shadows on the Southern slope, it may be very difficult to see. What do you think?
    I’ll keep digging for more info….

  2. That location sounds very plausible. And those trees are THICK! I was within a quarter-mile of those coordinates in June, and it would definitely be difficult to find anything while you were there in person, let alone trying in Google Earth. Thanks for the info so far, that narrows things down quite a bit.
    I’ve been wanting to hike up that canyon anyway, and maybe I’ll get a chance to do it before the snow flies. There’s an old wagon road (or maybe a tram grade?) going up that canyon, and I’ve hiked part of it, but not very far up the canyon. The topo map shows that the Aberdeen mine is up the canyon much farther than I’ve been, but there’s no sign of mining activity in Google Earth. It’d be nice to check it out in person one day, and maybe keep an eye out for any stray airplanes that may have crashed in the area. 😉

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