The Number Ten

Tomorrow, Traci and I will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. Neither of us is into big celebrations, so we’re going to spend the evening at home together, without the kids (thanks to her parents). We had planned a camping trip this weekend, but there was too much that we needed to do in order to get ready for it and too little time in which to do it, so we’re going to shoot for next weekend instead. That will be Memorial weekend, and we run the risk of the Bear Creek campground being full (or at least crowded). We may try to reserve a site there, but the last time we did that we had to drive to Castle Dale to pay for the site in full. That was three years ago, and if I recall correctly the campground actually wasn’t too full then.
Speaking of three years ago, diesel fuel was only $2.39 per gallon then when I bought my truck. Today it’s $4.35, or at least it was a few days ago. I normally consider fueling up the truck to be no different than any other necessity–when I’m thirsty, I take a drink of water. However, lately that has been changing. I’ve held off doing a lot of things this spring because of high fuel prices, and it doesn’t show any sign of letting up. I haven’t been on a single long hike this year, mostly because my preferred destinations are just too far away to justify spending that much money driving to. I used to take off on a whim and spend the entire day in the desert driving and hiking, but it looks like those days are numbered.

3 thoughts on “The Number Ten

  1. Dennis,
    Congrats to you both on reaching your 10 year anniversary! We’ll be celebrating our 8th next month, but isn’t it crazy how fast the time goes by?
    Have a happy anniversary celebration, sans kids. Hope you enjoy!

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