Curse Canyon Trail

On Saturday Traci, the kids, and I went for a drive in the truck to get a few more rocks to put in the irrigation ditch, and we came across a trail sign in the bottom of Mead’s Wash just north of town. The sign called the trail Curse Canyon and said that it was rated “Extreme 3” (I still have no idea what that means). We went as far as we could in the truck, but we eventually came to a dip that was too steep to get a long-wheelbase truck through. We decided to head back the next day on our ATVs to check the rest of the trail out. When we returned yesterday, we only got another 1/4-mile past where we’d driven the truck on Saturday before we decided to turn the ATVs around. It was a pretty gnarly trail, with a lot of steep curves and dips that really test your balance. We decided to turn around when we got to a point where one person would have to drive the ATV while another person put their entire body weight on one side of the ATV to keep it from tipping over. I still want to go back to ride the trail all the way to its end, but I’ll have to do it someday when Traci and I can find somebody to watch the kids while we ride.
We placed a geocache at our turnaround point because it was such an awesome place. There were concretions all over the ground there, and the centers of them had some nice crystals inside. I got to checking to see how long it’s been since somebody placed a cache in Carbon County, and it’s been 5½ months! There seems to be a fair number of geocachers around here, but very few of them ever place caches. I’ve placed more than 60 of them, and probably half of them are in Carbon County. I think that number is going to go up very soon, ’cause if there aren’t any caches for me to find, I might as well place some. đŸ™‚

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