Down ta tha Buckhorn

Unfinished PetroglyphI went down to Buckhorn Wash this Saturday with Jason and his brother James. There was significantly more snow–maybe six inches more–than there was last weekend, even though we only got about an inch in Price over the last week. They showed me some rock art that I’d never seen (much of it surprisingly close to the main road), and I showed them some that they hadn’t seen. We saw some bighorn sheep, which was very exciting. It was the first time I’d seen them in Buckhorn, and only the second time I’ve seen them in my entire life (the first was in Saddle Horse Canyon). I just about got my truck stuck in 12″ of snow on a not-well-traveled road west of Cedar Mountain, just northeast of Buckhorn Reservoir, but I was able to dig it out with a shovel.
There is probably a lot more rock art in Buckhorn Wash that I don’t know about. I think this year, when I’ve got nothing better to do, I will spend my time walking the canyon bottom looking for more. I have largely ignored Buckhorn because it seems like such a touristy place, but there is so much more to see when you go just a short distance from the main road, and relatively few people leave the main road to see it.

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