The Suck

I am growing weary of shoveling snow from the sidewalks and driveway. Actually, I am beyond weary. This winter has seen a normal amount of snowfall, but it’s been concentrated into a relatively short period of time. I’m sure I’ve complained about the weather at least a couple of times already this season, but I’m really tired of it. 😀 I was hoping to take the kids out hiking tomorrow, but they don’t fare so well hiking in deep snow. Traci will be gone most of the day, and finding entertainment for the kids and myself while being trapped in the house is difficult at best. There are only so many words a 4- and 6-year-old can come up with on the Scrabble board.

1 thought on “The Suck

  1. I’m weary of it, too, Udink……. Just got done shovelling 15 inches of snow outta my driveway. I’m beat.
    Guess I’ll start saving my pennies for a snowblower. Just in time for spring – LOL!

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