Did I ever mention that I’m terrified of gas appliances? The first camper that we owned had a problem with the propane furnace in it. I tried lighting it one night while we were camping in Huntington Canyon, and even though the pilot light was lit, the burner wouldn’t come on when I turned the thermostat up. Eventually, I heard a loud *whoosh* as the gas coming out of the burner ignited, and it apparently shot a huge flame out the exhaust on the outside of the the camper.
Well, the natural gas furnace in our house has been acting up for a couple of days, and I’m honestly afraid that the place will blow up while we’re sleeping. I’m sure my fear is unfounded, since there are numerous safety devices to prevent things like that from happening. The gas burners keep cycling off and on while the thermostat is calling for more heat, even though the blower stays on the entire time. I suspect that the thermocouple is on its way south, but I don’t dare try to fix it myself. I’m going to call a furnace repair person in the morning–if I survive the night. Hopefully they answer their phones on Saturdays.

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