Into the sick of it

I think I’ve got strep throat. I was going to go into the office in Orem on Thursday to work and have lunch with my team, but now I think I’ll just work from home and spare them the possibility of passing this on to them. So far I’m avoiding the doctor–I changed medical insurance this year and have a fairly large deductible to meet before co-insurance kicks in–but I’m confident that I’ll be forced to go within the next few days as this gets worse.
My entire family has recently been or is currently sick. Both kids got colds during the holidays, and though Bradley’s subsided quickly, Michael’s turned into bronchial pneumonia. He gave us a scare in the middle of the night last week with a fever of almost 105°. He took antibiotics for several days and is still taking breathing treatments, but he’s well enough to go back to school. He missed the first three days of school this year, and while he was gone he was awarded a certificate for perfect attendance during the first quarter of school. 😀

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