Grind On

Now that “camping season” is over, I’ve unfortunately been settling in to the same old grind. Besides working Monday through Thursday, I’ve been doing various small projects around the house and yard, with a little bit of close-to-home geocaching in between.
I decided to defer the work on my garage roof until next spring. The roofing company said that they’d have a difficult time squeezing me in to their schedule this year, and I’d prefer that they did the work during warmer weather anyway so that the asphalt shingles adhere to each other better. Besides, now I won’t have to drain my savings account to pay for a new roof, and Christmas will be much easier with a little extra money. I had to do a quick and dirty patch job on a hole in the roof that was leaking between the main garage and the add-on shed. Whoever built the shed made the roof out of particle board, so you can imagine what happens when it gets wet–it expands and disintegrates. A 6′ section of the eaves is sagging and is about to fall away completely, but I don’t think I’ll get around to fixing that.
Mark and I drove up Spring Canyon after dark yesterday and found an awesome geocache, the White Lady Night Cache. We followed our GPS units to the starting location, then had to shine flashlights around until we located the first in a series of 10 reflectors, each with a number written on it. After finding and hiking to the first, we stopped to shine our lights around to locate the second, and so on. Spring Canyon creeps me out for some reason, but hiking around there at night wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. After finding all 10 numbers, we put them together to form the coordinates for the starting point of the next leg of the cache, which began 2.5 miles down the canyon. There, we had to go through an old tunnel under the abandoned railway, then work our way through the bottom of a wash, up a hill, and through the trees and boulders to find the actual cache container. It was a lot of fun in the dark, and it would probably be fun to retrace my steps in the daylight just to see what the area is really like.

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