Lookout PointYesterday the weather alternated between summer- and winter-like. Around noon, Mark and I were hiking near the Rochester petroglyph panel and we had to take our jackets off because it got pretty hot. A few hours later we were hiking up to Lookout Point, and the wind almost froze my face off. I really regretted leaving my hat and gloves in the truck. There were even some snow flurries, but mostly it was the sand blowing in my face that bothered me. Still, it was a great day, and as usual I’m wishing I could spend more time in that area. I’m not sure the weather will hold out for any more camping trips after this week, but if it does, I already know where I want to go.

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  1. The weather here yesterday was ridiculous. There were 60-70 mph winds, and at the casino (which is surrounded by dirt fields) had some pretty crazy damage. Trees fell over. Telephone poles did the same. And it was like a god damn sandstorm. Being outside yesterday was torture. I still feel the dirt in my eyes.

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