We had a flutter of snow yesterday and today, but this weekend there should be some nice spring weather. Traci and I have some ambitious plans for Sunday. We’re going to head into the San Rafael Swell and find at least 14 geocaches. There’s also a place that I’d like to stop and look for some dinosaur trackways near Horn Silver Gulch. I know from this abstract that there are some dinosaur tracks in the Summerville Formation near there, and according to Google’s cached text it’s on state land. That narrows it down to one square mile at most, but according to the geologic map of that area, the Summerville Formation only takes up about half of the state land in that area. If I further narrow it down to places near the existing roads, I think I could easily find some dinosaur tracks.
In two more weeks, the boys and I are going camping (probably near the dinosaur quarry) while Traci goes up north for her annual trek to the scrapbook expo. That camping trip will mostly be to make sure everything in the trailer still works after the repairs I made and from sitting unused all winter. The week after that is the big San Rafael geocaching campout near Temple Mountain. That should be a lot of fun because I’ve never been to that area, and I’ve got three days off work plus Saturday and Sunday to hang out there. For a couple of those days it will be just Bradley and me there because Traci works and Michael has school. I don’t yet know what I’m going to do there for such a long time, but there’s plenty of hiking around the San Rafael Reef so I’m sure I can keep busy.

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