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I don’t think a week was long enough for me to recover from last weekend’s hike, because this weekend didn’t go so well either. Mark and I hiked from my house up onto Wood Hill and along Luke’s Trail, but after about seven miles or so I just didn’t feel like pushing on any further, so we had my sister drive out to pick us up. It didn’t help that I had a headache. Yeah, that’s a good excuse. 😉 I’m still not too worried about the Sid’s Mountain hike–there’ll be enough people there that I’m sure I won’t be the most out of shape person there. As long as we take it easy, everyone should be alright.
I wanted to drive down to the Sid’s Mountain trailhead on Sunday but it started raining, so that plan was out. I may do it this weekend if the weather stays dry for a few days beforehand. If I make it down there, I’d like to do some exploring and place a geocache while I’m there. It would really be nice just knowing what the road looks like before we head down in a big convoy in a few weeks. I suppose if it’s not raining the next couple of days, I ought get busy replacing that broken shock absorber mount on my truck.

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