In the next life

Things are finally winding down around here. I spent a couple of days last week finishing part of the bathroom remodeling project that I started months and months ago. I finished the drywall work, painted one wall, and installed some new cabinets and a light fixture. Last night we had my family over to open presents, and today we ate dinner at my mom’s house. Hopefully now I can relax for the rest of my vacation. I’ve got a week left, and I don’t really have any plans–I just don’t want to do anything remotely resembling work.

1 thought on “In the next life

  1. Making adjustments to your house sucks. We painted in the house that we just moved into, and it took forever. I’m still technically not done. There’s a chair and our entertainment center that are supposed to get a coat. And they will… one day 😉

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