I owe, I owe…

I’m heading into the office tomorrow for a team lunch. We’re going to Tucanos on the company’s dime, and I’m sure it’ll be good times. The last time I ate lunch there I didn’t eat anything until breakfast the following day–it’s some pretty good (and filling) food. If I’m lucky, I’ll have time to find a few caches while I’m up there, and I’m considering placing a new one near work. There’s a dead spot there about 2.5 miles in diameter with no caches at all, though I’m still not certain I want to place one in such an urban area. I like all my middle-of-nowhere caches. 🙂
I’ve decided for sure to make one last trip to the San Rafael Reef this weekend. The weather forecast is a little iffy right now, but I think I can handle a little rain while I hike. There’s a benchmark near the cache that may or may not be possible to reach (it was originally reached/placed by helicopter), but I’m going to try.

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