Take what is mine, hold what is mine

I’m taking a little vacation from work from now until Tuesday, and I’m taking some time to finally hike up onto Sid’s Mountain. The mountain is really just some relatively flat ground, but it’s surrounded by deep canyons with sheer walls on all sides. The cirumference of Sid’s Mountain is more than 20 miles, but there are only two or three ways to hike up on top. Mike and I hiked 8.5 miles trying to find a route on top two years ago, but we couldn’t find a way up. This time, I’ve talked to two people who have been there and know the way up onto the top, so it’s just a matter of enduring the hike. Mark, Mike, and I are leaving Price on Saturday at 5:00 am, and I don’t expect to be home until almost dark that evening. There are two geocaches on Sid’s Mountain, and this will probably be the hardest I’ve ever worked for a cache.
It may or may not rain on us during the hike. The weather forecast for Saturday seems to change several times daily–sometimes it says there’s a good chance of rain, other times it says it’ll be mostly clear. I’m not terribly concerned about getting rained on, but I do wonder how it will be crossing North Salt Wash. The last time I was there, Mike and I got our shoes a little muddy after jumping across the trickle of water in the bottom of the canyon, but this weekend there could be more than a trickle, especially if it rains after we make the crossing the first time on the way up Sid’s Mountain. I hope we don’t have to wade across on our way back!
I’m worried about the road going out there. It’s about 20 miles on a dirt road from Ferron to the trailhead, and with the recent rain that we’ve had, parts of the road are certain to have been washed out. The Emery County road crew might have gotten to that road by now, but they’ve got a lot of roads to fix right now and I’m not sure this one is a priority for them. Just in case, I’m planning on bringing shovels and some 2×6 lumber–we might have to do some road work in the dark of the early morning in order to even start the hike.

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