Yeah, nothing is going on lately. I get up in the morning, work eight hours, do some house cleaning, watch TV, eat dinner, waste time on the internet, and sleep. I ordered some prescription sunglasses last weekend, which is a first for me. But with all the outdoors things I do, I’ve needed them for a long time. I’ve got plans for a hike this weekend, and the weather forecast for then has actually improved over the past couple of days, and I’m hoping that it holds up, and this is a run-on sentence. That’s about all I’ve got to look forward to for awhile–well, that and some warmer weather. This 40° stuff is irritating. I’m ready to hook up to the trailer and drive.

2 thoughts on “Nothin'

  1. Yup. There was a different style that I liked better but the shape of the frames wouldn’t accept prescription lenses. The ones that I got were the next best thing. I just wish I’d be able to have them for my hike this weekend, but they probably won’t be ready by then.

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