The weather was relatively nice this morning, so I went for a mountain bike ride. I took Luke’s Trail again, but this time I took a side trail that I hadn’t noticed before. It ended up going west and south, then eventually turned back east and looped back to Luke’s. It was mostly downhill, and it was the most fun I’ve had on a mountain bike in a long time. When I was almost back to the trailhead, I ran into Fuzzy, who is the head of PASS and is responsible for most of the bike trails in this area being built. We talked for just a couple of minutes, then he headed back up the trail and chatted with some other bikers who were riding downhill behind me. I’d never seen other people on the trail before, but today I saw quite a few.
Later this afternoon, it started snowing, and I was bored and restless so I went for a walk with Michael. We walked to Pioneer Park, and when we left home the snow was barely starting to stick to the ground, but by the time we got back there was a nice white blanket covering everything. There about an inch out there now, and I hope it keeps coming. I think it’ll all melt by tomorrow afternoon, but at least it’s nice to see some white outside, if only for a little while.
Christmas was great for all of us. Usually Traci and I don’t spend much on each other, but this year we were able to afford quite a bit more than in the past. I got mostly clothes, and I’ve got several gift cards and some cash (and a mystery gift from my grandpa that hasn’t arrived yet–can’t wait!). I’m going to have to exchange most of the shirts I got. Apparently I don’t fit inside a size Large anymore. At 5’11” and 195 lbs., I wouldn’t consider myself to be Extra Large, but clothing sizes don’t really correspond to people sizes, I guess.

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