Ant hill, Grassy Trail Creek areaIt already feels like this has been a good vacation, and I’ve still got five days before I have to go back to work. I spent yesterday driving and hiking around the far northern edge of the Swell in the Grassy Trail oil and gas field. I took a lot of pictures, and I took a few rocks home with me too. It was hard to find rocks there that didn’t contain fossils of some sort. Most of them were ordinary shells, but there were a number of small ammonite fossils (about 1″ in diameter). According to this website, much larger cephalopods are possible but rare in these rock formations. Someday I’ll spend an entire day out there with my rock hammer, and hopefully I’ll find something worth keeping.
I placed a new geocache while I was hiking. I got word that a couple of people from the SLC area were down here yesterday and placed a few caches, but they haven’t showed up on the website yet. When they eventually do, it’ll give me something else to do rather than sitting around being bored like I am right now.
The kids could sure use the opportunity to get out of the house as well, since it’s been too cold to do much outdoors lately. It’s supposed to snow today, but I don’t think we’ll see much of it. It did snow briefly this morning, but it all melted and dried out quickly. I’m not sure if I’d rather have snow so we can all go tubing, or if I’d rather it stayed dry so I could do some more hiking.

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  1. Fuckin’ A, Uncle – nice shots, looks like a good time. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough that we can go hiking after we play with my old legos all day.
    Maybe I have kids because I wasn’t done playing around yet. 🙂

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