I bought a pair of laptops ten months ago, and I’m finally getting around to using mine. Traci has been using hers as her primary computer since then, but mine has been collecting dust on a filing cabinet in the basement. It took me seeing John’s laptop and GPS in action last week to finally get me off my ass, so I’ve finally installed the software I need to get mine running.
I’ll just be using ExpertGPS (for now), which means I’ll have to know where I’m going in advance and download all the maps for that area before I leave home. While I’m on the road, though, I’ll be able to track my position on the 1:24,000 and 1:100,000 USGS topo maps. Hopefully it’ll make it easier to find as many geocaches as possible next week while we’re camped down in the San Rafael Swell, but there’s always the possibility that it will complicate things beyond belief.

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