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My website was briefly mentioned in a Salt Lake Tribune article today, but the article focused primarily on blogging about work–and more specifically, the lovely Heather Armstrong. Anyway, back to the important part:

    Speaking of fun, other Utah bloggers just want to make readers laugh, from the dry, self-deprecating humor of Dennis Udink (, to the crudity of the self-described “online locker room” of The Dude Blog (
    “My real name is Dennis Udink,” he says, allowing the moniker has attracted a modest, loyal following for his postings on everything from hiking and backcountry exploration to repairing his travel trailer.
    “I get a feeling of community from the people who link to my blog,” Udink says. “It’s like a world separate from my real life, but I’ve nonetheless made some close friends . . . people whom I’ve never met face-to-face.”
    While Udink is likely an acquired blog-reading taste, The Dude Blog is intentionally in your face, its wide-ranging, R-rated discussions (parents take note) that are quite earthy about life, pop culture, movies, television and politics.

Yeah, pretty exciting stuff there. 🙂
I woke up at noon today. I’m not sure how I’m going to spend the rest of the day, but I’m sure it’ll be productive. Yesterday, I spent all of two hours putting the cover on the evaporative cooler and changing the filters in the furnace. Besides that, I think I just watched tv all day.
I’ve got some money burning a hole in my pocket since I sold the Mazda on Sunday. I really should use some of that money to get my ’87 Subaru running–that car could make an excellent cachemobile. I’m only into it a total of about $350, and I’m sure another $100-$200 could get it on the road. Then I would have something that gets better gas mileage than my truck, and sadly, it’s probably more maneuverable off-road. If I managed to get it fixed, I’m sure I’d spend more time chasing after the geocaches further away from home. I’ve already cleared a 20-mile radius from home, so all future caching adventures will require a short road trip.

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