After I posted last time about trying unsuccessfully one last time to fix my trailer plumbing, I tried yet again. I actually got my pipes fixed well enough to use them by bypassing the cold water pipes and running everything through the hot water pipes. I was sure I had it plumbed right, but I wanted to test it before going camping, so I turned on the water pump. Everything seemed to work–while the pump was running, I tried both faucets, and I had water pressure! I was pretty excited, until I turned the pump off. I heard air escaping from somewhere, and it turned out that the pump had crapped out on me. It was infuriating.
My only option now is to replace my old aluminum tank and antiquated pump with brand new stuff, and I might as well re-plumb the entire trailer while I’m at it. Mark managed to do the same thing to his trailer with braided PVC hose and fittings that he bought here in town, so I’m hoping I can do the same. The pump and tank I’ll probably have to either order online or drive to Salt Lake City for.
I already removed the old tank and pump today, and I’ll get all the old pipes out tomorrow. Running the new water lines should be easy because the braided PVC can bend anywhere I need it to, but the fittings will be a trial-and-error process.
I need to have it all done in about two weeks, because Traci is going to disappear for the weekend then, so I think I’ll take the boys out camping in the San Rafael Swell. I think we’ll try out a new spot at the base of Cedar Mountain, which unfortunately means I’ll want to go scout a good spot before I ever drive my truck and trailer out there.
Speaking of my truck, I got the door fixed today. I really like Sherry’s Paint & Body–they were quick and did a good job. Price Autoplex, on the other hand, pissed me off a bit. The woman who wrote down my appointment last week did it on the wrong day. I showed up today, with Traci following me in the car with both kids, only to find out I was actually scheduled for tomorrow. I guess that’s not as bad as telling me my truck needs a new engine just because a glow plug fell out, but they’ve got one mark against them. I’m desperately hoping that I can find a reliable service shop in town, since I’ve vowed never to go to the Ford dealer again, but only time will tell if that’s even possible.

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