Alive and breathing

I had a pretty damned good weekend. Besides having to chase Bradley around to make sure he wasn’t getting into trouble (which he always was), everything went nicely. Towing the trailer there and back was actually fun as well. Normally, in my ’79 F-150, we’d be putting along doing 55 or 60 MPH, and sometimes 35 MPH on the hills, and I’d be worring about overheating the entire time. Traci and the kids would also normally be following me in the car, since we can’t all fit into that truck. However, this time it was perfect. In the ’97 F-250, we were all relaxed in the cab of the truck, with the A/C on, cruise control set at 65 MPH, and we only slowed down to 63 on the worst hill along the way.
The camping was good–the relatively cool weather made it almost perfect, except for a couple of small thunderstorms. I left a note on my Bear Creek cache page saying that I’d be at the campground all weekend, and I had a couple of geocachers stop by for a chat after finding the cache. We also got a short visit from two cachers from Mount Pleasant who drove all the way over to the campground just to visit with us. I was hoping they’d be able to stay longer, but I have a feeling we’ll be meeting up with them again soon.

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