Bah. Traci and I had planned on staying at Mike and Ali’s tomorrow night, then going to the UTAG spring meeting Saturday, but both the kids are sick. They started out with cold symptoms early this week, accompanied by a fever, and though Bradley’s been ok lately, Michael has it really bad. He’s had a fever on and off for a few days now, and he’s been puking a bit too. If he shows any sign of a fever tomorrow, we’re taking him to the doctor.
I suppose it won’t hurt to stay home this weekend and get some yardwork done. As long as I get the garden planted, I’ll be satisfied, but I might even get around to a few other projects.
I spent some time in the San Rafael Swell on Tuesday afternoon, and it was amazing–for more than three hours, I didn’t see a single person or vehicle. It felt lonely, but not necessarily in a bad way–it was annoyingly crowded in some areas when I was there Saturday. I probably won’t go back there for another two or three weeks, when I plan on placing a cache there.
I’m going to place a series of caches along the Price River, and one of the areas I have in mind requires a drive deep into the Swell, then back north almost to the northern edge of the Swell. I’m also going to place one near the dam at Scofield Reservoir (but not too close), where the Price River begins, and another where the Price dumps into the Green River. The last one is going to be very difficult–there’s no road, just a pack trail that winds through an unnamed canyon for about 13 miles. It could be nearly a 30-mile hike or mountain bike ride, depending on how rough the trail is. I’ve ventured part of the way down the canyon, to the point where 2WD vehicle access ends, but I’m not sure how far I can get in a 4×4. If I don’t get out there soon, I may have to wait until fall. I’ve always had problems with heat exhaustion, and that’s not a place where I want to run into that kind of trouble.

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