West and Wewaxation

I registered my truck today. Damn, I’m cheap–I should have done this six months ago. It only cost me $35.50 to register it, and $10.50 for a safety inspection (I saved $6.50 on that because I bitched about Grako’s taking too long to inspect it). At least now I can park it somewhere other than my front yard (without fear of receiving a ticket). The Wal-Mart parking lot will probably give it the best exposure, and hopefully I can sell it and buy a new truck before we go camping in two weeks (yeah, right).
I’m heading out for another long day in the Swell tomorrow. I plan on finding the 13 caches in the northern end of the San Rafael Swell that I haven’t yet found. Most of them I can drive to within a few hundred feet of, but there are a couple that involve a short hike (half a mile or more). I only hope that when I wake up tomorrow morning, I feel up to it.
I could really use a day or two off, just sitting at home and relaxing, but I guess Sunday I may get to do that–it’s my 7th wedding anniversary. Traci and I don’t have plans yet, except to cook a nice dinner for ourselves, but I could certainly use a little R&R.

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