Mucho gusto, me llamo Bradley

I finally got sick of my sore throat and went to the doctor. The strep test came out negative, so she said it’s probably an allergy problem (but I’ve never heard of allergies causing a sore throat). So I’ve got some drugs to help me get over it, and it seems to be getting better.
I’m leaving for the San Rafael Swell as soon as I get off work tomorrow. I might even start work early just to get down there earlier. I built a stake bed from 1×4 pine on my utility trailer, and I’m using it to haul all my camping gear and a bunch of firewood. I’ll be sleeping in the back of the Mazda, which probably won’t be too comfortable, but I’m not really going down there to get much rest. 🙂 There are several caches I haven’t found in that area, and I don’t think I can get them all in one weekend, but I’m going to find as many as possible.

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