No, tuna.

I got an email from Scout Master this evening, asking if I wanted to hit Sister Superior on Friday. So it looks like I’ll be meeting him in Moab!
I got the Subaru entirely put back together tonight. I went out just before midnight to start working on it again, and got it wrapped up in two hours. I hadn’t originally planned on working on it any more today, but Traci wanted to go to bed early, and I’d slept in this morning and wasn’t the least bit tired. I also wasn’t in the mood for crawling on the ground attaching the exhaust and a few other things, but I just sucked it up. I spent a lot of time just looking for the four bolts that hold on the electric fan, but I eventually scrounged some bolts from all the A/C parts that I removed.
Tomorrow, I’ll fill ‘er up with fluids and give the engine a crank. I hate this part–I’ve spent countless hours working on this car, and it’s nerve-wracking to think of all the things that can go wrong when the moment of truth arrives.
Assuming all goes well, and that it passes a safety inspection, it should be on the road (legally!) Monday. I realized today that the reverse lights don’t work–the wiring for the manual trans is different from the original automatic that was in this car. I’ll have to figure something out, but only if they give me shit about it when I get the safety inspection done.
If possible, I’d like to drive the Subaru down to Moab. It will save us four miles of hiking, because there’s a dirt road leading up to the start of the hike that I doubt the Taurus can handle. I’ll have to make a little test run, maybe down to Castle Dale and back, to see if the car can handle longer distances without problems. I’m especially concerned about it overheating on long runs.

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