I decided to not bother importing my entries into the new MySQL database using the old filenames, so my archives directory structure is going to be quite different from now on. MT is now using the post title to form each archive filename, which means it won’t matter how I import my entries in the future–the filenames will remain the same.
I’ve still got to find out where sendmail is on this server–I’ve IM’d Solo, but no reply yet (I wish I just had telnet access). Besides that and the obvious layout changes I’ll have to make, I’m done with this MT install. I’ll be doing a few things differently this time around, namely the archives and quickies indexes. I never even bothered creating those when I first installed MT. I’ll also have search boxes for both types of entries, either on the main page or the main archives page–I’m not sure yet. I’ll probably work on it more this weekend.

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