Past Perfect Tense

I had to go to Provo for work today, quite unexpectedly. Yesterday, I was trying to share my printer from my company-provided computer to my home computer, and I accidentally messed something up to the point where I couldn’t log in to my work computer this morning. I’m sure the network admin was happy about me screwing things up–at least, he said, I wasn’t the first to have that problem. =)
I grabbed three caches while I was up there, so it wasn’t a total waste. I only worked four hours today, since I hadn’t planned on three hours of driving, so I’ve got four more hours to make up tomorrow. At least the work I’ve been doing lately is different than normal, and it won’t suck too badly having to work on a weekend.
I’ve gotten my Subaru to the point where I’ll be able to start putting the driver’s side cylinder head back on tomorrow. It took two evenings just to scrape the head and the engine block clean of the old gasket and grease and grime, and several razor blades and countless paper towels. I’m almost halfway!
I spent a good deal of my free time this past week making a new geocache container. So far, it’s involved a cardboard box, a waterproof match container, 2.5 cans of expanding insulating foam, several small sheets of plastic, and 20+ pounds of concrete mix. It should be pretty cool when I get it all done. =)

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