3 thoughts on “C'mon!

  1. I guess it’s just my company, then–I don’t think I’ve ever gotten mine before or on the 31st. They’re technically supposed to get it to employees by Jan. 31, but the IRS won’t do anything about it until after Feb. 14, and even then all they do is send a notice to your employer telling them to do it–I don’t think there are any penalties for not sending them out on time.
    What irks me even more is that my company has a website set up for changing direct deposit and withholding allowances, and my W-2 is supposed to be available there, but it’s not up yet.

  2. I’ve always had mine on or before. A couple of years ago my wife got hers late from one of her jobs, so we called the IRS ant they said as long as its postmarked by the 31st its fine. We called the company and they said they sent it out. We said no, and then they sent out another one. The IRS didnt seem to care, or act like it was a big deal.

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